Here’s a little bit about some of the different crap I’m working on.

I’m following up my novella, Lady Sings the Blues, with a few stories that are part of what I call the NIGHT SONGS series of musically themed stories:

Book Two: MOVES LIKE JAZZ: Summer’s not the only thing that’s hot as Cassidy Martin falls for the hypnotic tunes of sexy sax man Pete Sanitago.

Book Three: ROCK STEADY: Steady and dependable personal assistant Mina shows she knows exactly what to do when caught between rocker Nick Gunn and a hard place.

Book Four: A CLASSICAL PROPOSITION:Classical music professor Nyla Jakes learns a lesson at the hands of hot pianist Kevin Sands.

I’m working on a paranormal series, too, simply because I enjoy reading them and want to do my own take on the genre. I’m still fleshing out the world, but as soon as I think I’m ready to let people know about it, I’ll post it here.

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