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My morning began with trying to enter the RITAs, Romance Writers of America’s writing contest for published novels. I love Devil’s Angel, and if it ends as my only historical novel, I want more exposure and recognition for it.

The site programmer obviously didn’t think about what would happen if 10,000 people all tried to submit their entries and pay their fees simultaneously. Since Devil’s Angel is going into the Historical romance category and that is always one of the popular ones, I wanted to make sure I got my entry in. The contest system got hung up for quite some time–I think it tested every one of my seven virtues!

I ended up going the old skool route of printing the PDF, handwriting my entry, then scanning it in and emailing it to the contest coordinator. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ve entered once or four times, but I think I’m good!

It’s a long shot category for unknown authors, but I’ll get to put my book in front of five new people (first round judges) and that’s alays a good thing. Now to cross my fingers that Samhain will be able to get early print copies of Devil’s Angel!


Samhain reopens to submissions

My publisher (I still get a little warm typing that) Samhain Publishing has just reopened to general submissions

From the announcement:

Samhain Publishing is now open to general submissions of all genres of romance and erotica, as well as fantasy, urban fantasy and science fiction with strong romantic elements. We are refocusing our efforts and will no longer be accepting submissions in other genres for the time being.

All submissions must be new material to be considered for publication, no reprints. Once you’ve had a new work accepted by Samhain, you are free to submit previously published works to your editor for consideration.

I’m feverishly working on my sequel to “Lady Sings the Blues.”  It has the working title “Moves Like Jazz” and features the saxophone player for the hero’s band Blue Highway, Pete Santiago.  When I’m done, I’ll send it on to my editor and hopefully have another title available through Sanhain!

 Go check out the guidelines of what they’re looking for and see if you have what Samhain’s looking for!