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My very first release, Lady Sings the Blues, is published by Samhain Publishing as part of their Red-Hot Summer anthology series. Get your ebook copy today! It will be available in trade paperback with three other fantastic stories in June 2009.

Here’s a bit about the story:

Alina Gabriel has spent a decade making money off her body. The former exotic dancer, resigned to being wanted for her looks, has given up on finding love and concentrates on sexual satisfaction and making her club The Scarlet Lady a success. She hides her desire for blind white guitarist Joshua Hanover until he plays a song composed especially for her. Joshua has spent the last several months wanting Miss Scarlet. Once he has her he’s determined to keep her, but her reluctance to be with him away from the club has him wondering if his blindness is an issue.

This story has been percolating in my brain for a while. I like blues music, and I have a thing for guitarists (something Bailey works to his advantage.) So it was quite easy to imagine a guy playing a blues riff onstage, a single spotlight hitting him, his song calling to one woman, and one woman only. She answers the call because she can’t do anything else, doesn’t want to do anything else. Swaying, undulating to the beat, she dances to him, for him, with him: the vertical expression of horizontal desire.

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