Billionaire’s Club: New Orleans Titles and Pub Dates!

Just turned in the second novella in the Billionaire’s Club: New Orleans series, and was rewarded with infor on new titles and dates!  (Oh, and my editor is enjoying the read–WOO HOO!) Hot off the press, here are the titles and publishing dates for my Billionaire’s Club series: Book One: KNOCK OUT (Sebastian and Renata.)  Coming July 1, 2014 Book Two: POWER PLAY (Raphael and Macy.) Coming August 1, 2014 Book Three: TAKE DOWN (Gabriel and Karina.) Coming September 1, 2014 I can’t tell you how excited I am about this series.  I sure hope you’ll give these stories a look see for your summer reading. As soon as blurbs are set in stone, I’ll be sure to post them here. And I’ll share cover goodness as soon as I can. Now on to writing Gabriel and Karina’s story! BCNO_promo


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I write about romance and sex, mostly in that order.

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