Frisky Friday: Why Men Love Strippers

Here’s an interesting post from The Frisky, which caught my eye because my heroine in Lady Sings the Blues is a former stripper.

This part really caught my attention:

Mainly, the enduring appeal of strip clubs is this: It’s a place where regular men can reject beautiful women.

You got that? In a strip club, the physics of seduction are flipped. The real money for a stripper isn’t dancing for dollars; that’s a preview of the main course. The real money comes when that stripper hits the bar and tries to get them to buy lap dances. In these instances, men have the power to turn down hotties. It’s the only place where short, fat, balding guys can turn down statuesque, exotic beauties. That kind of sexual power is a profound kick, one denied men at normal watering holes, and it’s a novelty worth the money.

I mean yeah, you know theoretically that men don’t like rejection any more than women do, and that in bar situations they face it on a more regular basis than womend do. But men going to strip clubs so hey can reject silicone sistahs? Somehow I don’t think that’s the reason, do you?


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