I Suck

For several reasons.  One is the fact that it’s been nearly a month since I’ve updated the blog.  (Bad author!  No cheese for you!)  The second is that I’m trying not to be a whiny bitch because EVERYONE is at the Romance Writers of America annual conference in San Francisco, and I DIDN”T GET TO GO.

Tomorrow morning all the lovely Samhain editors and authors are getting together for breakfast.  Uhm, bacon.  Instead of sitting with a group of fellow authors listening to the PTBs of Samhain tell us about all the wonderful stuff they’re doing, I get to stare across the bistro set at the scruffy morning faces of my guy and my dog.

Actually, that’s not so much of a bad thing. 😉

Tomorrow, the sis and I are going to have a Girls’ Day and get our shop on and then go see The Mummy.  Uhm…Brendan Fraser and Jet Li… I’d love for there to be a surprise appearance by Oded Fehr, but I won’t hold my breath.  That would be a yummy trifecta wouldn’t it?

After that, I will come home and dive back into writing.  Work has worked me hard over the last month or so, but yea!  bright light at the end of the tunnel is sunshine, not a freight train.  That means I’ll have late nights writing, not late nights at the day gig.  Pretty sure the Baileys will be glad to have me back.

As long as they bring the bacon.


About mallerymalone

I write about romance and sex, mostly in that order.

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