Dear Author Reviews LStB!

I just saw that Dear Author read and reviewed Lady Sings the Blues!  They gave it a C+.  I can’t really complain about that–well, I could, but why?  Dear Author always gives very thorough explanations for their reviews, which is why I like to read them.

This part stuck out at me:

This may just be one of the difficulties inherent in negotiating a Romance in which race is an issue, but I am still struggling with the idea that Alina’s race is being presented as a physical disability on par with being blind. While it is true that both are physical conditions that are part of who each character is, and while it is also true that we are clearly not supposed to think any less of either character based on these characteristics, there is still an awkwardness in that exchange that stuck with me throughout the story. Did Joshua mean that he couldn’t see Alina and therefore her blackness didn’t matter? Did he mean that he was at a disadvantage, as well? Or did he mean that he just didn’t care what her race was and used his blindness as a way to communicate that to Alina? I’m still not completely settled on how this scene is supposed to play, and it was an issue that I would have liked to see more carefully nuanced, especially since race was a significant issue for Alina, and, by extension, within the story itself.

So I obviously didn’t communicate that part well, because really, the exchange was not meant to show either one of them as being disadvantaged, but to illustrate that neither one had a problem with what most other people would consider an issue in the other (dating interracially or dating someone blind).  And Alina’s issue was more with thinking Joshua was after The Scarlet Lady (aka the hot stripper) more than being after Alina for herself, and her not being respectable because of her profession/fprmer profession, not her race.  I was so not wanting race to be an issue in this story. 

Yeah, I obviously deserved that C+.  Will have to do better next time.  Pete’s story is progressing very nicely, and we’ll get to see more of Joshua and Alina in it.  And Pete’s story is longer!

ETA: Looks like from the comments that some people did get what I was trying to get across, that they had bigger issues than the race and the blindness.  So yeah me–I deserved that Strongbow I had at the Irish Pub last night.  And the tub o’ popcorn while watching WANTED.  (Bailey and I enjoyed it, btw.)

Now on to sleep!


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