In Sickness and Deathnote

I’ve got the crud, so Bailey and I are skipping the anachronistic train wreck that 10,000 B.C. is sure to be.  I am too much of a devotee of Discovery, History, and the Science Channels to suspend my disbelief, but I’ll take one for Team Bailey, and we’ll probably spend the 90 minutes poking at everything wrong with the movie and oohing at the pretty anyway.

Bailey, sweetheart that he is, ordered in Chinese–a large helping of egg drop soup and potstickers for me, beef with snow peas for him–and showed me the trailer for the upcoming Deathnote live action movie.  Did I mention how I love this guy?

According to some buddies on my anime Yahoo group, the movie will be subtitled.  And of course, I immediately went to You Tube to see how Ryuk looks “live”.  Gotta say, I’m looking forward to seeing this!


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