New Year, New Goals

Hey peeps.  Yeah, I know the new year started 10 days ago.  Obviously I need to work on a couple of different goals for 2008.  Like ah, actually posting a blog every now and then.  And uhm, maybe getting my goals down earlier.

I have a good excuse though.  The holidays.  Bailey-dog, Mark, and I had to do my family and his family, both of which are always big productions.  Then we did our chosen family, a crazy as hell group of oddballs that we love to death.  Thanksgiving, Yule, Christmas, and then a New Year’s gathering, and M&M was one tired chickie.

So tired, in fact, that I almost forgot about Samhain’s Red-Hot Summer anthology call for submissions.  My goal at the end of 2007 was to get a project submitted for consideration.  January 1st arrived, I kicked the crazies out of our house, and realized I had nine days to get a 12,000-word novella together.

I’d already had a story in mind, (LADY SINGS THE BLUES, you can see more about it on the In Progress page) and had bits and pieces of it in a file already.  So I set myself a goal, I would finish this story and I would get it submitted to Samhain by today’s deadline.  I didn’t count on getting the flu then a sinus infection, but I was going to let delerium stop me from writing my story. 

I’m very pleased to say that I was able to submit (IMHO) a good story set during the summer in my hometown, Hotlanta.  We won’t know anything about who gets picked until February first, so I have three weeks to go.  Plenty of time to work on my other goals of getting more stories and more blogs out there.

Happy New Year!



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I write about romance and sex, mostly in that order.

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