Random Writing Thoughts

I’ve been doing some research while writing my crap.  And it’s made me wonder.

  1. People say that vampires cry blood tears.  So does that mean that other vampire bodly fluids will be blood too?  Or are all these romance writers not thinking about the logic of vampire sex?  They’re not only shooting blanks, they’re shooting blood.  EWWWWW.
  2. What is it about menages featuring brothers, twins even?  Shouldn’t that skeeve people out?  Isn’t that just a little too close to incest?  I like hear banjo music and shit.  Note to self: NEVER have relatives jumping into bed with the heroine at the same time, if at all. 
  3. I thought about doing Nanowrimo, then realized that I suck at deadlines and I really don’t want to tell anybody that I’m writing the stuff I’m writing anyway.  Too many questions, and I’m not in the mood to tell and kill.




About mallerymalone

I write about romance and sex, mostly in that order.

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