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The Billionaire’s Club: New Orleans

Coming this summer!



The Billionaire’s Club: New Orleans novellas, by Mallery Malone, are steamy contemporary romance stories centered around the Billionaire’s Club: The wealthiest, most powerful men in New Orleans.  They are used to having whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Knock Out

Sebastian Delacroix knows how to handle pain. Known as the Bourbon Street Brawler, he has fought his way from tough kid in a rough neighborhood to high-profile billionaire, made rich by his heavyweight championships and notorious personality. He’s landed plenty of punches in the ring over the years, but when he met Renata Giordano, it was a TKO.  He left her behind, but it was too late.  He couldn’t forget her and knew that the next time he got his hands on her, he wasn’t going to let her go.

Renata is the perfect blend of sexy and tough and has one more shot at the women’s welterweight championship. The only problem is that Sebastian, the man who broke her heart years ago, is her new trainer. With so much at stake, Renata knows she must put her feelings aside for this sexy fighter if she’s to be a champion again. But the close quarters at the gym are too much for Renata and Sebastian, and it’s only a matter of time before her desire to win and her desire for Sebastian become one… in Knock Out by Mallery Malone.

Power Play

In Power Play by Mallery Malone, Raphael Jerroult a.k.a. the Crescent City Casanova, has fought his whole life-both in and out of the ring.  Watching his father suffer for years after his mother’s death, he’s resolved to envelop himself in a shell made of money, boxing matches, and a different woman every day. But when an old flame, and the only woman he’s ever truly let in, comes back in his life, Raphael can’t stop being distracted by the red-headed beauty with the curves that go on for days…

Macy Lovelace has no desire to start things up again with Raphael. Memories of the sweetest torture she’s ever known can’t make her forget that he’s not cut out for long-term love. But Macy’s the only girl who Raphael ever let in, the only girl who really knows his sexy, dangerous side. And with the Crescent City Casanova, the only way to keep up, is to be tied down…

Take Down

Cage-fighter Gabriel Devereaux, known as the Bayou Beast, has always been able to dominate. Whether it’s in a business meeting or in the cage, he’s willing to take what he wants at all costs. Fueled by thoughts of lust and revenge, Gabriel is bent on making his rivals, the Armistead family, pay, for taking away from him the one thing he’s always desired-their daughter, Karina.

Karina fell head-over-heels in love with Gabriel twelve years ago, but the past years have done nothing to quell her desire for him. All their dark, sexy nights come rushing back, and it’s too easy for Karina to fall back into the bed of the Bayou Beast. But Gabriel and the Armisteads have unfinished business, and he will have to make a choice-exact revenge on the family that burned him, or choose the woman who has always set his blood on fire…in Take Down by Mallery Malone.

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Available for order in ebook: Amazon | Kobo | B&N | Samhain

The paperback will be released in April 2014

Devil's Angel cover

I’m excited to announce that I’ve made another sale to Samhain! The title is DEVIL’S ANGEL and it’s a historical romance set in Ireland in 1016!

Here’s the blurb:

Conor mac Ferghal wears his nickname, the Devil, like the visible scars on his face—and the invisible scars on his soul. The fearsome chieftain of Dunlough lives to protect his people, right down to the fishing village invaded by a marauding band of Viking mercenaries.

When he realizes the pale-haired warrior who almost bests him is a woman, his first instinct is to fling her unconscious body into a mud dungeon.

Erika Silverhair awakens, shocked to find she and her men accused as the aggressors. She and her warriors have spent three years of Danish exile selling their skills for gold, defending the weak and the innocent. And no one, not even an intimidating giant like Conor, will take away the freedom that is her birthright.

There is only one way to settle matters—finish the duel begun on the battlefield. Before the dark passion drawing them closer and closer threatens their closely guarded hearts.




Lady Sings the Blues is my very first release.

Here’s the blurb:

Alina Gabriel has hit on the perfect formula to make her club, The Scarlet Lady, the hot spot in Atlanta’s night life. Men flock to see her alter ego, retired exotic dancer Miss Scarlet; and women line up to see Joshua Hanover and his blues band steam up the stage.

Alina herself isn’t immune to the blind guitarist’s sensual songs and musical dexterity, but she refuses to be just another notch in his groupie belt.

That is, until Joshua debuts a new song, “Red-Letter Woman”, to entice Miss Scarlet to dance. The song and dance leave them both hot and bothered, and when Alina retreats to her office for personal relief, Joshua joins her and offers to strum her desire.

But Joshua wants more than a one-night stand. He’s pushing for an encore, and Alina wonders if it’s her he’s after—or her exotic persona.

It is available in ebook from these retailers.

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This steamy interracial romance is also part of Samhain Publishing’s Red-Hot Summer print anthology, which also includes stories by Maya Banks, Red Garnier, and Elle Kennedy.

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Read an excerpt here.

FREE READ: Enjoy this peek into Alina and Joshua’s first Christmas!

Red-Hot Holiday